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Man Buns

How did this happen?  When did it happen?  Suddenly everywhere I turn I see man buns.  Men are walking down city streets, sitting in coffee shops, riding the subway to work with their hair up in little ballet dancer buns.

You thought I was talking about their behinds, didn’t you?  No, I’m referring to the troubling men’s hair style that’s recently taken over the pages of magazines and now spilled out into real life.

man bun

Clearly, we were not paying attention when men starting carrying around messenger bags.  Sure they’re big and boxy and “unisex” but make no mistake, they are purses.  If we’d put a stop to the messenger bags when we had the chance, maybe we wouldn’t be dealing with all these man buns now.

I’ll go out on a limb here and publicly state that I do not like the man bun. I barely liked pony tails on men.  Once in a while, just the right pony tail on just the right guy could be sort of badass.  Think Johnny Depp, for example.  But no man will ever look badass with a man bun.  I guarantee it.

I worry what’s next.  Men wearing nail polish?  I’m surprised some marketing genius hasn’t already thought of it.  They could call it “male polish” and all they’d have to do is rename the shades in language men understand.  The darkest shade could be called Guinness.  A silvery metallic would become Chrome Wrench.  And any of the red shades could be renamed NASCAR Red.

All this sounds ridiculous, huh?  That’s the point.

red poppy


11 thoughts on “Man Buns

  1. Nancy Colacino says:


    I’m with you on the man buns. I’m don’t think they are attractive; although I think you need to get Johnny Depp to try one just to make sure your right!

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  2. Pinar says:

    I think men buns look good on a 20 something year-old who has a nice bone structure….I am also open to male polish on an artsy boy’s toes…I was never main stream when I was young and I wouldn’t want the young generation to be either…BUT yes as a 45 year OLD women I DO NOT want my peers to wear a men bun or male polish!!! No thanks, aging with grace is okay.

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  3. Terésa Carter says:

    ROFL — yes, when I started the headline I immediately thought the subject was buns of steal on our Y chromosome counterparts. But I truly laughed out loud when reading the first paragraph. the man-bun I could do without too, but a loose pony-tail on men with locks, yeeees! Thanks for the laughs — I needed them!


  4. Cathy Ballou Mealey says:

    Yes to all of this. The clip-on man buns are especially heinous.
    I blame the samurai for introducing a fad that should have ended with their era.


  5. Jackie Wright says:

    The man bun has invaded the Jumbotron at the TD Garden. At a recent Celtics game, there was an “entertain-the-crowd” filler segment where current Celtics players gave a thumbs-up/thumbs down to teammate Kelly Olynyk’s man bun. Surprisingly, all thumbs up. Really?!? Of course, there were numbers that showed he statistically played better with the bun than without. Hmmm…man bun for the win?

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  6. Felix, this made me laugh so hard. But my rebel soul must admit that I get all goose pimply when I go to the yoga class taught by the rather attractive and firm young man with the bun….oh so sweet. It’s kinda like Hippie with style. Go man bun (both kinds).

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