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When I was a kid, it seemed like the only people with tattoos were guys who’d been in the military or who rode motorcycles.  Getting tattooed is painful and it proved these guys were strong, tough, cool.  In other words – badass.

Once in a great while, I’d see a woman with a tattoo but it was usually a dainty little red rose on her ankle or shoulder.  Still, I never considered doing it myself.  For one thing, I didn’t feel strongly enough about anything to have it branded into my skin.  Then there was the pain factor.   And a badass?  Definitely not me.

But getting tattooed has become so commonplace that it hardly seems the act of courage or rebellion it once was.  These days, it’s more about artistic expression and individualism. That being said, getting tattooed remains a painful endeavor and, you have to be gutsy to let that needle go at your skin.

Full disclosure here: I got inked.

Like far too many women, first I was cut.  Next, pumped full of poison.  Then came the tatts, and finally they nuked me.  I guess that makes me a badass after all.

pink-ribbonYou see, my tatts are radiation markers.  I am a breast cancer survivor with four small permanent black dots on my chest.  But I’m also a hockey enthusiast, a devoted Boston Bruins fan, so I choose to think of my tatts as small hockey pucks.  Four little pucks in honor of the greatest hockey player that ever was: Number Four – Bobby Orr!

It’s October.  Hockey season started last week and my Bruins are back on the ice.  It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Have you scheduled your mammogram?red poppy

Best of Boston

Leaf Peeping Season

pumpkin-shoppingWe’re lucky in New England.  We enjoy four distinctive seasons.  Here in Boston, winter is pure magic, with the trees along Commonwealth Avenue outlined in tiny white lights, and the strong scent of wood burning in fireplaces permeating the neighborhood.  Spring is a riot of color in the Public Garden, with beds of tulips at every turn.  In summer, sailboats meander down the Charles River, and the Esplanade is home to the Fourth of July fireworks.  But it’s in autumn that we’re at our best.  Potted mums and squatty pumpkins adorn window boxes and doorsteps.  It’s time to don a comfy, bulky sweater, drink a cup of hot apple cider, and go leaf peeping, as the crisp air nudges the trees to turn hues of golden yellow, sunset orange, and fiery red.

Over the weekend, my family and I visited a farm just outside the city.  It’s one of our favorite seasonal traditions.  After picking a bagful of local apples, and pumpkins for the hearth, we treated ourselves to still-warm cider doughnuts.  The foliage has not yet reached peak color.  But the people-watching was well worth the trip.  There were couples holding hands, children running around, families enjoying time spent together.

I encourage you to enjoy the simple pleasures of autumn.  Go leaf peeping, bake an apple pie, and most of all, enjoy some time with family and poppy

Life Lessons

To Sleep, Perchance

alarm-clockInsomnia.  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  There’s nothing so hopeless as being awake at two or three in the morning.  You get up and walk around the room and that doesn’t help.  So you get back in bed and try to be still and breathe evenly, and that doesn’t help.  You turn the clock toward the wall so you can’t see how late it is.  You don’t read because it will stimulate your brain.  You don’t eat because it will stimulate your body.  It’s times like this you wish you knew how to knit.

Your scalp is itchy.  The bottoms of your feet are itchy.  Your whole body is itchy.  You think about everything that’s gone wrong.  You think about all the things you should be doing.  You are doomed to think and think and think.

Did you send that important email before you left work?

You didn’t make the kids’ lunch for school tomorrow.

It’s fall now, you need to get the windows washed…

Then the room begins to brighten.  The sun is coming up.  You get out of bed, go over to the window and open the blinds.  You made it through the night.  Maybe it wasn’t so bad.  Maybe you will be so tired later, because you’ve been up for nearly 24 hours straight, that by the end of the day you will collapse in a heap in your bed.  You will sleep and it will be deep and sound and satisfying.  This is what you think until night comes again.

red poppy