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Buy Yourself Jewelry

neccosValentine’s Day holds the promise of hearts and flowers. But some of you married gals might have the kind of husband who’s not so good at remembering these things.  And what about the single girls who don’t have a boyfriend at the moment?  Why should they get gypped?

My advice?  Buy yourself jewelry.  It’s even better than going to the day spa.  I’m not suggesting you do anything crazy.  No Colombian emeralds or black Tahitian pearls.  You don’t need to buy the kind of loot you find in the Jewelers’ Building, with the able assistance of some older gentleman in a custom tailored suit and half glasses, who calls you “Miss” and, jeweler’s loupe at the ready, offers you a free appraisal of whatever happens to be hanging from your earlobes or dangling from your wrist that day.

A quick drive to the mall is all it takes to find something sparkly.  Even better, you can sit on your sofa with a glass of Red in one hand and the remote in the other and find some pretty serious bling on the shopping channels.  Or simply go on line to find your new bauble.  Remember, you’re not out to find the Hope Diamond here.  Just a pair of garnet studs.  Or an amethyst ring.

I’ve been buying my own jewelry for a while.  Some women like to travel – I’d rather buy gemstones set in precious metals.  For me, it’s one of the benefits of being a single woman in the twenty-first century.  You see, the jewelry is much more than a mere indulgence.  It’s a symbol.  To empower you.  And to remind you of your worth.  Sure it’s nice when a loved one buys you jewelry.  All I’m saying is that the loved one can be yourself.

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11 thoughts on “Buy Yourself Jewelry

  1. Terésa says:

    Amen! While I like receiving gifts in velvet or leather boxes, I also like buying jewelry for myself. I never thought about it in those terms before, but you’re right, it does provide a sence of empowerment. I have one closing phrase borrowed from a 1990 rap group: “Power to the people, no delay!”

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  2. Gayle says:

    Well it only took me 8 years of dating the same guy but I finally got a ring – ok – yes I had to ask for it – I couldn’t wait any longer for idea to just magically occur to him – nope – I had to outright tell him – but there it is – no I don’t want to get married – I love that we don’t even co-habitat – but I got tired of all the pretty little young things getting all of the great grub and I just sat back and waited for the light bulb to come on. See we were taught – I am also the over 50 crowd – and I was taught a gift – for it truly to be a gift – has to come from somewhere inside a person and offered up on it’s own accord. So I waited …. and waited…… and waited…… I am now the very pleased owner of a new garnet ring in a Princess Diane setting. My moral – don’t wait – hit them over the head and take the goods you’ll enjoy it just as much at the end of the day.


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