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Closet Space

Should I invest in a nanny-cam?  Maybe that’s extreme, but how else can I catch that mischievous little closet fairy in the act?  For years, she’s been subtly shrinking the dimensions of my one-and-only closet.

Walk In Closet of my dreamsLike most city-dwellers, I daydream of the perfect walk-in closet; however back in 1888, my brownstone apartment was designed with eleven-foot ceilings and no closets.  Years later, a tall but narrow closet was built into one of the bedroom walls.  So oddly shaped is this closet, I’ve yet to find an organizing system to fit.

Hangers touching, my garments weigh down a closet rod that’s starting to buckle.  My shoe boxes not only cover the closet floor, the extras are piled atop the sweater and hat boxes on the overhead shelf.  Not your typical closet, I need a six-foot wooden painter’s ladder to reach most of what’s stacked on that scary high shelf.  Like playing dominos – one false move and it all comes crashing down.  Over the years, I’ve been pelted with purses and stabbed with stiletto heels.

So cramped for closet space, I’ve guilted my mother into letting me keep off-season clothing in my childhood bedroom closet.  Having some of my apparel two-hundred miles away is unsettling, but it beats paying the neighborhood loan shark-dry cleaner to store my belongings off-site for an absurd monthly fee.

Last weekend, while in the midst of my seasonal closet switch-over, I found evidence of the closet fairy’s latest prank.  In addition to my clothing no longer fitting in the closet, some of my favorite garments actually shrunk during their winter hibernation!  the closet fairyI imagine the closet fairy hiding in a pocket, giggling as I lie on my bed struggling to zip up a colorful pair of summer Capri pants.

I give up.  It’s time to weed out.  Donate some of my gently used clothing.  Maybe that’s what the closet fairy intended all poppy


6 thoughts on “Closet Space

  1. Pinar Kret says:

    It is so true how things don’t seem to be the same after taking them out of storage after a whole season…My rule is if not worn for 2 seasons they are not allowed back into the closet…


  2. Dana says:

    Living in nyc I feel your closet pain. In my old studio apt I used my oven for closet space (of course I never turned it on). Now I use my washer/dryer for extra closet space.
    I wish I could follow the 2 year rule. As for the clothes that don’t fit anymore……one day they will, right? 😉


    • Pinar – I really need to adopt your “2 seasons” rule! I do have a friend who, every season, inspects all of her clothing and accessories — one item at time — and asks herself, “Would I purchase this item today, in the condition it’s in right now?” If the answer is “no” she tosses it. Chris


    • Dana – what a novel idea to use your oven for closet space! I imagine it’s the perfect size for accessories like shoes and purses! As for the washer and dryer, I share communal washers and dryers with my neighbors, so unfortunately that’s not an option. However, you’ve just given me an idea about a new use for my dishwasher! Chris


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