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Uncommon Proposal

My neighborhood is lined with cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks.  As you might imagine, the old chipped bricks make for an uneven walking surface.  And over the years, I’ve ruined more than one pair of high heels.  So I’ve learned to watch where I step.

Back in July, I noticed that an old brick had been replaced with a brand new one with clean, sharp edges, and a perfectly etched message that read:  JAIMIE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?  NICK


I’m not sure how long the brick had been in place when it caught my eye.  But each day as I walk by, I feel compelled to check and see if the brick is still there.  It’s become a wildly romantic mystery to me as I spin all sorts of stories about how the brick came to be in this spot, as well as my speculations about this couple – Jaimie and Nick.  Do I know them by sight?  Maybe they live right across the street from me.  Is Jaimie a woman or a man?  Have they gotten married?

So many questions remain unanswered.  Why did Nick choose to propose in this way?  How exactly did he plan his grand gesture?  And what happened when Jaimie spotted the brick?  If Jaimie accepted the proposal, wouldn’t they have dug up the brick as a memento?  Likewise, if Jaimie rejected the proposal, wouldn’t Nick have dug it up and gotten rid of what would’ve become a painful reminder?  Either way, why does the brick remain?

This uncommon proposal has piqued my curiosity and I may never know the story behind it.  But I’d like to think that Jaimie and Nick are together and living happily ever after.

red poppy


5 thoughts on “Uncommon Proposal

  1. What a sweet story! As I contemplate the lack of romance in my own life, I have renewed faith that somewhere there is a Nick. And maybe, this is late at night, I can trick myself into believing that there is a little Nick in all of us, just waiting to be exposed. So now I ponder, who killed my Nick?


    • I’ve waited some time to respond to your comment. I think sometimes we are Nick and sometimes we are Jaime. And sometimes, we are the outsider looking at the Nick and Jaime relationship. Just so you know, it is now November and the brick is still there.


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