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Snow Day Dreamin’

The snow days of my childhood were idyllic.  Just like Peter, the little boy in one of my favorite books, Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day, my brother and I, bundled up in our snowsuits, boots, and mittens, would go outside to play in the newly fallen snow and make snow angels.  We would do this over and over, until we were soaking wet and shivering.  My mom would get us dry and warmed up with hot soup and a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies.  What could be more perfect?  The day off from school.

Last week’s Nor’easter brought 55-mile-an-hour winds that rattled my windows and changed the direction of the snow so it appeared to be falling horizontally.  But the City of Boston generally does a good job of snow removal.  And New Englanders don’t scare easily when it comes to extreme weather, until both the mayor and the governor tell everyone to stay home.  And just like that, children and grown-ups alike were given a gift – a most uncommon occurrence – a snow day.

But there are no real snow days anymore.  At least not the care-free, snow angel, chocolate chip cookie snow days I remember.  WiFi and laptops make it not only possible but mandatory for us to work remotely from home.  Maybe I was cozy and comfy in a pair of yoga pants, sweatshirt, and spa socks, as the barrage of emails came as fast and furious as the snow.  With my landline ringing and my cell phone humming, I didn’t even take a lunch break until 3 in the afternoon.  I was so focused on the work at hand, I didn’t realize the snow had let up.  As I watched from my living room window, neighbors shoveled out, walked their dogs, and played with their children.  I’d missed it all.  My snow day was over before it ever began.


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Dreamin’

  1. Sheila Reiter says:

    Dear Christine, Your snowy day reminded me of one wonderful day I had with my youngest child. Everyone else had gone about their business but Michael and I were home with a snow storm taking over the world. I bundled him up and out we went to face the challenge of old man winter. We had a great time and one which he and I remember to this day. He is a father now and has spent many happy snowy days with his two sons but happily he always remembers his snowy day with Mom. Thanks for the memory and love to you, Sheila

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    • Sheila – thanks for sharing your lovely memory of your snowy day with your son. It seems to me that many parents today get caught up with spending extra money to buy their kids the latest electronic gadget or toy when it’s the time spent, rather than the money spent, that will leave lasting impressions and the happiest memories. Best to you, your kids, and your grandkids – Chris


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