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Apple and Cranberry Season

What do you think of when you think about autumn?  The leaves turning brilliant colors?  That it’s time to wear your favorite bulky sweater?  How much fun it is to stroll through the pumpkin patch, searching for that perfectly shaped pumpkin to put on your front steps or by the hearth.

Me, I see red.  Deep, rich red.  The color of apples and cranberries.

Columbus Day Weekend is traditionally the time to go apple picking.  Whether you venture out into the orchard and actually pluck the apples off the trees or visit the local farm stand and choose your favorite varieties from large wooden bins – it’s still apple picking in my book.

One friend of mine makes apple butter, another makes apple sauce.  I prefer apple crisp.  Because the apples are so naturally sweet, I add cranberries for a kick of tartness.  Besides, cranberries are so plentiful here in New England.

Here’s the recipe:  Apple Cranberry Crisp Recipe



8 thoughts on “Apple and Cranberry Season

  1. Sheila Reiter says:

    I”m not an apple cook or for that matter any kind of cook. I wander through my favorite super market and let Ocean Spray pick my cranberries. Lazy? Sure. Easy? Surer. Have a great Columbus Day Weekend.


  2. MaryAnne says:

    Looks good to me! When I finally dig my bulky sweater from my winter box I’ll be sure to try it. At the moment I’m still wearing shorts & and a T-Shirt! Wha’ happened to Fall?


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