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Glam on the Go

If you’re like me, you automatically reach into your purse for your lipstick at the end of the meal.  Applying lipstick in a restaurant is commonplace enough that it often goes unnoticed.  Besides, it doesn’t take any special skill to swipe some color over your lips, even if you don’t have a mirror.

A friend of mine applies her full make-up regalia during her morning commute.  Using her rearview mirror, she performs this act in perfect synchronization with the stop lights along the way.  She can dab on concealer, bronzer, and lip gloss, not to mention perk up her eyes with mascara and eyeliner, all with a steady hand.  By the time she’s reached her office, her face is painted to flawless perfection.  It’s a talent for sure, and one that I couldn’t hope to imitate.  Besides, I don’t drive to work.

I commute using public transportation and the jostling that takes place on the subway or bus, not to mention the other passengers pressed up against you like sardines, and the students who whip around and whack you with their backpacks, all render the application of make-up impossible – or so I thought until the other day.

A woman sitting across from me reached into her tote bag and took out a false eyelash.  It looked like a big bushy caterpillar.  Using the tips of her fingernails as a substitute tweezer, she methodically picked off every bit of caked-on glue from the base of the eyelash.  Next, she took out a tiny tube of glue and strategically applied three dots.  When the glue was dry – remember, this was a moving train – she pressed the eyelash onto her lid.  She then repeated the process for the other eye.  I could not believe MY EYES!  Wish I could’ve stuck around to see what she’d do next, but we had reached my stop.

Girl Talk



make up1We all have our products that we love.  My beauty arsenal consists of foundation, blushers and concealers, eye shadow and pencils, lipsticks and mascaras.  I’ve got a stash of lotions and potions, brushes, and of course, my all-time favorite beauty product, nail polish.  Then there are the shampoos and conditioners, sprays and gels, any and everything to make my hair straighter and shinier.

In a case of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” my mother is the same way.  In fact, I’d wager that nearly all women – whether they be fashionistas or all-natural types – have a few faves they absolutely need for survival, even if they found themselves stranded on a desert island.  And they’d be heart-broken if said item, or items, were suddenly discontinued.

Just last week, my mother experienced her latest retail dilemma.  “It’s happened again,” she solemnly announced, “I’m the kiss of death.”

“What’s wrong?” I was almost too afraid to ask.

“Everything I like gets discontinued…”

This time, it was the demise of her favorite liquid foundation.

“I’m going from store to store trying to get the last of the “pure beige # 2,” she sadly reported.

That’s what we do when something gets taken off the shelves – we stockpile whatever we can get our hands on, hoping it will last until we find a suitable replacement.

For me, it’s always about nail polish. When OPI discontinued their rich red shade “vodka & caviar,” I hit every beauty supply store in a twenty-mile radius and snagged a half-dozen bottles that I stored in my fridge to preserve their longevity.  I only have one left.

This retail tragedy happens in the supermarket as well.  I lost my favorite salad dressing and my dear friend her favorite yogurt.  How many times do we see the dreaded phrase “new and improved” when there was nothing wrong with the original?  I ask you: Why can’t things just stay the same?red poppy