Girl Talk

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

spring-slidesLast week’s “February thaw” had me checking out the spring forecast – the spring fashion forecast, that is.  Seems THE shoe for spring is a peep toe slide with a block heel.  After living in boots for the past five months, I can hardly wait to slip into a pair of these babies.  But first I’ll need to get my feet back into shape.

Whether you schedule regular pedis at the salon, or are more of a DIY girl, you probably don’t pay the same attention to your feet in winter that you do during beach season.  While I generally polish my toe nails during the winter, how good can they look when I’m forced to keep them clipped uber-short because of the aforementioned boots?  And even though I smother my tootsies in lotion, then wrap them in spa socks in an attempt to ward off alligator skin, my feet are not suitable for public viewing at the moment.

Gotta get to work – heels and toes, heels and toes – my own version of spring training.  So I’ve stopped cutting my toe nails.  In a few weeks I’ll begin shaping them with an emery board, and by Easter they’ll be the perfect length for peep toes and strappy sandals.  There are plenty of gadgets for getting rid of unsightly calluses, and most of them work pretty well.  And finally two words: Epsom Salt.  Dissolve a half-cup of this magnesium-rich stuff in a basin of hot water, and a ten minute soak a few times a week will do wonders for your feet.

Now it’s time to go shoe shopping!red poppy

Girl Talk

The Power of Shoes

red stilleto heels2I know, I know – women love shoes.  It’s been over three decades and they’re still making Imelda Marcos jokes.  Let’s face it, women like shoe shopping because it does not require looking in a full-length, three-panel mirror, in the harsh, critical light of the try-on room.  You can gain twenty pounds, and your shoe size won’t change.  Shoes are a sure thing.

Contrary to popular belief, shoes are not a mere accessory, like the common scarf or the utilitarian purse because shoes transcend.  Like DNA, shoes are the building block of the whole wardrobe – even more so than the dress – because shoes possess a certain power that only some women understand, and nearly all men fall prey to, at one time or another.  Shoes send subliminal messages.  What does a brown loafer say?  A sensible, low-heeled navy pump?  A red pump with stiletto heels?

There’s more to a shoe than its toe, body, or heel.  Like just about everything in this world – it’s all in the details.  Straps matter.  And any shoe that shows off the toes (and a fresh pedicure) commands a certain amount of respect.  Then there’s toe cleavage, an amazing phenomenon that occurs when the shoe is low-cut enough to reveal the magical little spot where the toes emerge from the body of the foot.  It is a smart woman, indeed, who speaks to a man with her shoes.  And it’s a lucky man who listens.

italyI maintain that shoes (scarpe in Italian) are works of art, and should be treated as such.  Just as a dedicated art collector hunts for that obscure masterpiece, a gal on a shoe shopping expedition must seek out shoes that are truly unique, and therefore foot-noteworthy.

Here’s a thought:  Could it be that my deep understanding and appreciation of shoes has anything to do with the fact that my ancestors all came from a country that’s shaped exactly like a boot?

red poppy